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:(. Will you be finishing House of Gold?

Yes!  I will continue to work on it, promise.  Things are just crazy with school and work right now, so I’m taking a breather for a while :)


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(via suedescripture)

30th Aug

i am taking a small break from the tumbls, but i promise i will be back soon!  definitely before the new trek movie (har har)

30th Aug


30th Aug



InStyle magazine, March 2014

source: TCPN

Okay. I’m going to have to talk about this.

1) Listen to him talk about clothes. My word, but someone’s into fashion! Did we know that? I don’t think I knew that. I’d always thought of Zach as the clothes-horse/fashionista of the two (at least in his own mind—*cough* stripe problem *cough*). But check out Mr. “I Don’t Like An Overly Designed Shoulder” here. And the denim thing….I have no words. 

2) “I like the ritual of shaving,” he says. What I’m taking away from this is that suedescripture is a goddamn genius and that in another universe, “On Edge” is a reality. (And I want to go to there.)

3) Is it my imagination, or is he playing the pronoun game? He actively rejects the “what kind of woman are you looking for” question (“What kind of woman am I attracted to? Really? Can I just say I like what most human beings want?”) and then when he does answer the question he avoids feminine pronouns entirely. Instead of “when I’m kissing a woman” he says “when I’m kissing someone”; instead of “the makeup that’s on her face” he says “the makeup that’s on their face.” He did that when Ellen asked a similar question last year, too. (And, weirdly, Ellen seems to stumble over using the word “woman” when she asks the question in the first place. Seriously, check it out—it’s at about 2:50 in the video, and it’s a weird moment.)

Look, I’m not trying to get all tinhatty here. I don’t think he’s in a relationship with Zachary Quinto (more’s the pity). But as a bisexual person who spent a long time not out and partially-out, I know the kind of subtle verbal evasions you get good at doing smoothly. You have to be looking for them to see them, and I feel like I see them here. And there are any number of possible explanations for that! But one of those possible explanations is that his sexuality is more complicated than people assume.


29th Aug


Star Trek AU | Secret Intelligence Agency

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Happy 34th birthday Chris Pine!

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