Prompt: Reunited for the first time in a long time after unfortunate filming schedules

if i’m not the one then i’m the best you ever had

Chris has always - always - had a hard on for the way that Zach throws him around, sometimes, usually after they’ve had a few drinks and had to keep their hands off of one another all night.  Chris knows shit is about to get real when Zach starts throwing “baby” at him like it’s candy from a float in a parade.

The only thing better than the nights where they can’t touch one another are the weeks that they can’t see each other between filming.  There’s something about the time, the distance and the space between them that makes Zach lose it, and Chris reaps it every single time, more than happy to spread himself out over the bed if it means that Zach will treat him like this.

"Say it one more time," Zach says, his mouth close to Chris’ ear as he sinks in again, his hips rolling, moving against the curve of Chris’ ass.

Chris groans, delighted, and leans his head back against the pillow, mouth dropping open as Zach stops moving, his body hovering over Chris’, paused and waiting for Chris to say something in return.

"I missed you, I love you," Chris groans, repeating everything he thinks he remembers saying over the last few minutes.

The words unlock something in Zach as he starts to move again, breathing hard, his hands coming up to grab both of Chris’ wrists and twist them up, pushing them into the down of the pillow beneath his head.

I'm sorry if you did get this, my internet has been acting weird so I wasn't sure :$ I love your prompts and I was wondering if you're still doing them could I maybe get one of e/s chris and zach running into some of Zach's old high school bullies maybe, i just haven't been able to get it out of my head. Again sorry for the resend I love your blog!! <3

no worries!  i did get the original request, i have just been slow the last couple days with working through the prompts in my inbox :)


one less problem


"I’m not saying anything, I just totally do not get your enthusiasm towards getting a receipt.  Like, you have online banking, I know you do," Zach is saying, standing beside the table they had been sitting at as he loops his scarf around his neck, tucking the ends into the collar of his jacket.

Chris makes a face and shrugs, tucking the receipt for dinner into the bill fold of his wallet, “It’s habit, man.  You’ve seen my accounting box.  I keep it on my desk.”

"You mean the cardboard box you used to keep under your computer until you finally joined the twenty first century and upgraded to a laptop?" Zach asks, raising his eyebrows as he holds one arm out, waiting for Chris to make his way around the table as well.

Laughing, Chris shrugs and tucks his wallet back into his back pocket before stepping out from the booth, accepting Zach’s hand as he follows Zach out into the aisle.

"Whatever, you’re like the CNN of technology," Chris snickers, following after Zach as they start out of the restaurant, covertly hand in hand.  "You’re always a few days late and full of misinformation."

Zach’s turning his head, likely to reply to Chris over his shoulder, when someone shouting Zach’s name from across the restaurant distracts them both.  Out of habit they both let go of one another’s hands, as Zach turns to identify the voice.

"Oh my god," Zach intones, taking a step back and almost onto Chris’ foot as two guys come over from where it looks like they had been seated at the bar.

One of Chris’ hands comes out automatically, palm steadying Zach’s side as the guys come up with huge grins on their faces, their hands extended in Zach’s general direction.

"It’s Cameron, remember me?" One of them asks, red in the face and maybe a little drunk as he gestures to the other guy behind him.  "This is my buddy Carl."

Zach looks a little shaken, but he recovers and shakes Cameron’s hand, and then reaches for Carl as well.

"I remember you," He says, letting go of Carl’s hand.  He half turns and gestures to Chris, saying, "This is Chris - Chris, Cameron and Carl."

Chris shakes their hands as well, passing on the alliteration joke when he picks up Zach’s discomfort.

"Nice to meet you," He says, nodding, just as they both blurt ‘Captain Kirk!’

Later that night, on the ride home with Zach behind the wheel and Chris sitting shotgun, Zach talks about every middle school encounter he had with Cameron.  They started with, but were not limited to: mud puddles, pushing, and slamming lockers.

"You should have told me at the restaurant," Chris says, kind of joking but also kind of not as he adds, "That dude was big, but I’m scrappy.  I could have taken him down."

Zach changes lanes and says, “Doesn’t matter,” but the old memories are still reflecting across Zach’s eyes - Chris can almost see them from where he sits in the passenger seat.





22nd Aug

22nd Aug

22nd Aug


#did you guys see that body language post going around earlier? #this was the first thing i thought of #that casual nose scratch is some straight up obfuscation #and the way he ducks his head away from the camera? #YEAH #rolls around the floor in tinfoil burrito (tags via jouissants)

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These tags give me life.

He is obviously doing this on purpose, and LT’s tags have me insanely curious as to what that purpose is. Manufacture chemistry? Make rps into a joke? Boredom?

AND THEN I can’t help but note that this is another example of how blatant it is that they stay away from even the idea with Pine. In 2 weeks with Franco (who he was not friends with prior) we’ve gotten how many photos of them together? In the entirety of STID we got 1 shot of boots, 1 shot or wrists, and 0.01 seconds in a Tokyo video…

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22nd Aug