prompt: morning after

the season finale

"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m trying not to be weird about it but this is really fucking weird," Chris apologizes, laughing as he presses himself face down into Zach’s pillow.

On the opposite pillow Zach cracks up, groaning as he brings a hand up to run through his hair.  The front parts all stand up on end, making him look totally fucking crazy, which triggers Chris to laugh some more.

"It is weird, isn’t it?" Zach asks, making a face as he stares at the ceiling, and then moves his head, rolling it to the side so he can glance at Chris and raise his eyebrows, nose wrinkling.  "Me and you, man.  Just - me and you."

Grinning, Chris slides himself across the mattress, crowding up against Zach’s side as Zach goes back to staring at the ceiling, still laughing a little under his breath at the absurdity of the situation.

"It’s strange when you finally get what you want," Chris says quietly, voice sobering a little bit even though he’s still smiling as he wraps an arm around Zach’s torso, skin vibrating with excitement.

Zach brings his arm up to rest around Chris’ shoulders as he grins, looking down at the crown of Chris’ head.

"You’re telling me," He agrees, still at a loss for words.

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I don't even care about the scenario but can I please have some hurt/comfort pinto? Thank youu <3

still, i will love your shadow

"Holy shit, are you okay?" Chris asks, bursting into the hospital room with a sick looking, shocked expression on his face.  His skin has turned a strange white color, and there is a lot of red and pink around his eyes, which are startlingly blue.  "They wouldn’t let me in until your brother got here - he’s in the waiting room."

Zach is in the hospital bed, hooked up to a bevy of tubes and monitors.  His least favorite is the heart rate monitor, which is clipped to the tip of his pointer finger and is just a general nuisance to his fine motor skills.

"I’ve been better," He replies, not sounding happy about it.

Still frowning, Chris makes his way around the bed, trying to be careful about it as he navigates through Zach’s IV lines and other hook ups.  Right now, Zach is not a lot unlike the RV his father rented to travel around in one summer - various lines running left and right.

"You scared the fucking shit out of me, goddamnit Zach," Chris breathes, leaning down to wrap his arms around Zach as best he can as he presses his mouth to the side of Zach’s head, nose mashed against the bone of Zach’s temple.

Belatedly, he realizes that there’s a huge purple bruise sprawling up the side of Zach’s face that goes from hairline and doesn’t disappear until it travels into the top of his hospital nightgown.

"How fast was the guy going?  Do they know?  Are they going to charge him with anything?  What did your lawyer say?"  Chris asks, questions coming in a rapidfire style as he brushes his fingers over Zach’s face, trying to assess any other damage.

Accepting Chris’ various avenues of touching - if Chris was in the hospital bed, Zach knows he would definitely be handling this much worse - Zach shrugs one shoulder, and looks at Chris cross-eyed when Chris leans in again to press his mouth to Zach’s forehead again.

"I have no idea, I’m concussed," He manages after a second, and then pats the spot in the mattress next to him.

Chris moves without saying anything else, climbing up onto the bed and wrapping his arms around Zach’s waist.

"Tell me if it hurts," He says, voice quiet, pressed into the weird smelling fabric that makes the sleeve of Zach’s gown.

Zach, feeling much better now than he’d ever care to admit, nods and presses a little further into Chris.

"I will," He promises.

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Pinto kissing while they both have their big hipster glasses on. Clashing ensues.

never give up on the good times

"Oh my god, okay, wait," Zach manages, pulling back as Chris tries to move forward with him.  Adjusting the glasses on his nose, Zach makes a face and says, "This is so not working."

Chris mirrors the sour face back at him and then holds out both arms, wiggling his fingers as Zach does not immediately move back towards him.

"So we’ll figure it out, c’mon," He says, leaning forward to prove his point.

Zach looks like he’s considering his options for a second before he finally cooperates and leans forward again, angling his head so they don’t accidentally go nose to nose.

A grin on his face, Chris’ hands slide up to the sides of Zach’s neck, the spots below his ears, as they start kissing deeper, both of them getting back into it after the short detour through prescription glasses land.

"Ow, fuck, wait," Zach says, pulling away sharply, Chris’ hands still on his shoulders, mouth open and face hung in mid air.  "Sorry, that pinched."

Chris apologizes without meaning to, a knee jerk reaction as he says, “Sorry.”

"One of us is going to have to downgrade," Zach says, but he leans back in anyways, which is a win in Chris’ book.

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Prompt: Zach calls Chris Princess to tease him, but Chris blushes prettily, and Zach starts calling him Princess since then. (In case, there's a smut scene, pls make it to bottom!Chris. Thanks!)

peach is in another castle

The first time Zach says it, it’s after Chris has admitted to something particularly WASP-ish.

"You are such a dick sometimes," He laughs, shaking his head as he spoons the sauce out of the pan and onto the two dinners he’s been plating for their six o’clock meal.  "Princess."

Chris, on the other side of the kitchen island, squawks, and then says nothing.  Zach looks up curiously when Chris doesn’t shoot off a knee jerk reaction, and raises his eyebrows when he realizes there’s a blush creeping up Chris’ neck and into his cheekbones.

"The whole Queen of the world thing is pretty hot, actually," Zach continues, setting the pot back on the burner and sucking a drop of sauce from the pad of his thumb.  "It’s very nuclear family in the sixties.  I get to be the daddy, though."

That seems to break Chris’ momentary stupor, and he groans, holding onto the counter with both hands as he watches Zach pull open the cutlery drawer and pull out two sets of knives and forks.

"Never say daddy again," Chris manages to say, making a face as he extends one arm to accept the plate Zach hands him.

Zach grins, clearly pleased with himself, and replies, “As long as I get to call you Princess, Princess.”

Blushing again, Chris accepts the dinner plate, and tries to not make it obvious he’s totally fucking grinning as he makes his way towards the kitchen table.

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prompt: it's zq's birthday!

birthday wrapping

"Oh my god I’m embarrassed for all of us," Zach sighs, shoulders slumping as Chris fastens a birthday hat on his head.  Below him, on the floor, Skunk and Noah stare up at him with matching hats on their heads, too.

Chris takes a step back and picks up two sparklers from the coffee table, where an entire package of them are laying opened.  He may or may not have hit up the dollar store in a big way on his way home.

"Hold these," He instructs, waiting for Zach to take them from him before he digs around in his pocket for a lighter.

As Chris lights both sparklers the dogs freak out, barking and jumping at the suddenly on-fire-oh-shit items.

"I liked you much better before you became an amateur photographer," Zach intones, watching as Chris picks his DSLR up off of the coffee table and takes a step back, tongue on his lips as he tries to frame the gigantic ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ banner in the background.

After a second of the dogs not cooperating and Zach’s sparklers burning down to nubs, Chris reassesses, handing him two more sparklers and grabbing Skunk by the collar, trying to manually reposition them in front of Zach’s feet.

"You can do whatever you want to me on your birthday, but today it’s Chris’ rules," He explains, licking his lips again, as Skunk finally stays and Zach lights his own sparklers.

Zach forces a grin onto his face as Chris finally takes his photo, but still manages to grind out, “I thought it was the other way around.”

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Prompt: Chris drunk dialling Zach (can be established relationship, I don't mind whatever :3)

established fic is (not so secretly) my jam!

c a l l calling you now

"Hello?" Zach asks for the third time, making a face when he doesn’t get a response.  He pulls the phone away from his face, double checks to make sure they’re still connected, and then tries again, asking, "Chris?"

There’s a pause, a shuffle, and then the sound of someone else’s laughter as Chris’ voice finally stumbles across the line.

"They’re making fun of me because I had the phone upside down," Chris explains, slurring a little bit as Zach clues in and realizes that Chris is drunk.  "But fuck ‘em."

Laughing, Zach rolls over in bed to toss his book back onto his nightstand.  He had been thinking about packing it in for the night when his phone had rung and he’d seen Chris’ big dumb face come up on the screen.

"You sound belligerent," Zach continues, the particular tone and cadence of Chris’ voice very familiar - full of memories of standoffs in the middle of 711, both of them equally wasted, and trying to leave various Silverlake bars at 2AM.  "I miss you anyways."

Chris inhales sharp, because he always smokes like a chimney when he’s drunk, and replies, “I miss you too.  I phoned you.”

"I know, man," Zach replies, laughing a little as he pulls his glasses off and sets them to the side with his paperback, as well.  "I’ll see you in a week though babe, remember, I’ll be back for my birthday."

That seems to subdue Chris’ attitude in a hurry.  He exhales again, blowing out smoke, and says, “I know.  One week.  I’ll see you soon.”

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prompt: chris gets a twitter account.

@chrispine (aka fancy)

"What am I supposed to say?" Chris asks, confusion totally etched across his face as he accepts his phone back from Zach.

Zach flaps a hand at him and looks back at his own phone screen, where he’s scrolling through his own Twitter feed and generally looking a lot more connected to the digital age than Chris feels.

"Anything you want," He finally answers, vague as ever.

Knotting his eyebrows, Chris frowns and looks down at the little screen of his phone, way too small to compose anything clever on.  He needs like, a pen and a notebook and at least one cup of coffee…

first things first i’m the realest, he types, and it makes him laugh so he sends it.

"What did you say?" Zach asks, dragging his own gaze away from his phone to raise an eyebrow in Chris’ direction.  Chris waves him off, so Zach shrugs, saying, "Alright, I can just check."

Still laughing a little, Chris hears Zach’s words on a delay.  When they parse through his brain he jerks, surprised, “Wait, people can see this!?”

"Yeah…" Zach trails off, and then makes a face.  "What did you think it was?"

Chris bumbles for a second, clearly not knowing what to say, before his words come out in a jumbled, “I don’t know, like, a gratitude journal or something?  …What!?”

"Oh my god," Zach replies, voice monotone.  He boggles at Chris for a second, and wonders how he has managed to get through life thus far without inflicting brain damage on himself.

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Chris gets a dog of his own and he and Zach start going on doggy dates together


"Why is mine so badly behaved," Chris intones, stepping around the leash tangled around his feet as he looks over to Zach, Noah and Skunk, who are a perfect trifecta of The Best Way To Train Your Dog.

Smiling, Zach watches Chris step out of his flip-flop while trying to maneuver a leg over and around the leash.  After a second he shrugs and says, “Bear just doesn’t play your games, man.”

"Ha-ha," Chris answers, scowling as he finally gets both himself and his dog righted.  Bear looks back at him, eyes googly, tongue hanging a foot out of his mouth as he pants hard.  Chris’ heart softens a little, like it does when he watches Internet clips of people falling, and he says, only a little disappointed sounding, "Bear, come on.”

He and Zach continue down the street, Zach’s dogs sniffing at the ground and walking ahead while Bear zig-zags and makes Chris’ hairline all sweaty as he tries to reel him back in.

"He’s a good boy, man," Zach says, watching Bear’s back as he takes off into a pile of freshly cut grass.  "He’s just a baby dog."

A warm smile spreads itself across Chris’ face as he sidesteps and elbows Zach a little, asking, “Puppies?”

"Baby dogs, man," Zach says, elbowing Chris back a little.

Chris laughs as they fall into step, only a few blocks left before they’re home.

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Prompt: this is vague I know, but...pinto on holiday? :)

hawaii 911

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," Chris chants, bouncing off of the sidewalk, and landing barefoot on the soft green grass manicured alongside of it.

Cackling, Zach covers the lid of his drink just in case, and carefully side steps the bee’s new trajectory.  Namely, away from Chris’ flying limbs and directly into his own calves.

"Body heat attracts them, just calm down and you’ll be fine," Zach explains, voice full board zen master as he uncovers his drink and takes a sip. 

Usually he’s not big on the fruity drinks, but it’s vacation so he’s making an exception for the sick amount of sugar he knows is inside it.

"I just fucking hate… bugs," Chris finally says, trailing off a bit when he stops to listen to see if there is still a bee flying around his head.  When the coast is clear he fixes the sunglasses in the V of his t-shirt with one hand, and reaches for Zach’s free hand with the other.

Zach sips his drink and accepts Chris’ hand back, wrapping his fingers around Chris’ in the same way that they had been before Chris bounced off in a classic Pine vs. Nature freakout.

"I totally killed a spider in the sink this morning and didn’t tell you," Zach says, before cracking up at the offended look Chris gives him in return.

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this whole album is my current pinto anthem:


particularly “wake me.”