this new pie is my favorite flavor of pie so far, guys.

1st Oct



30th Sep

30th Sep

"I just want to have fun. When I started out, I got into acting for the art. I think I’m just fucking over it now. I want to laugh, have a great time, enjoy the people I work with, and not have have to worry and brood."

Chris Pine about his experience on Horrible Bosses 2. {x}

30th Sep
I knooowww you've been busy and haven't had a chance to update but please-please-please tell me that Chris is going to get kidnapped in 'House of Gold' to be used against Zach and it'll be beautiful and violent and angsty in all the best ways. I need this like I need air.

I can neither confirm nor deny.

BUT THAT BEING SAID YES TOTALLY THIS IS HAPPENING.  Don’t even worry.  There are many reasons why I started mafia fic, and this is definitely one of them.

29th Sep


Ah yes, the most platonic of all friendships 

29th Sep


29th Sep
An AU where they dress as Kirk and Spock at a Halloween party. (Love all your stuff by the way)

lightning strikes twice

"You two are so fucking gay," Karl tells them, sounding judge-y yet loving as he pours himself another drink at the crowded kitchen counter.

Chris grins brightly, cheek to cheek as he sets his own twelve pack of beer down on the counter top beside where Karl’s rum and coke sits.  Behind him Zach edges closer, sidetracked with something happening behind them as he rests one hand at Chris’ hip, but turns the majority of his attention behind them.

"You love it, buddy," Chris answers, and then flexes a little bit, because this yellow shirt is really showing off his delts.  At Karl’s resulting frown, Chris adds, "Your jealousy is palpable.  Don’t worry, next year we can do a group costume."

All of a sudden Zach is at Chris’ elbow, attention on Karl as he raises his eyebrows and asks, “Who’s doing a group costume?”

"Me, you and Karl.  Maybe others," Chris nods, snagging two beers out of the box.  He hands one bottle over to Zach, and then cracks the next for himself, sipping the head off before he adds, "Karl, buddy, you can have first dibs if you want."

Karl sips his drink and replies, “I want no dibs.  Is that your real hair?”

"Yes, and yes, I’m shaving it all off tomorrow," Zach nods, touching his bangs self consciously.

Beside him, Chris grins and reaches over with his free hand, smoothing his fingers down over the glossy fringe that is perfectly cut across Zach’s forehead.

"Keep it for a few days," Chris says, making Zach grin a little wickedly.

Karl makes a sour face and replies, “Oh my god, don’t.”